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Financial Planning is the process of determining whether and how and individual, business, or organization can achieve their stated goals through the proper management of financial resources.


Our planning process is called PURPOSE 360°™. We begin with a panoramic view of you, your vision for life, and the things that matter the most to you. We review your current planning and discuss with you whether the course you’re currently on fits well with your expectations. Next we study techniques and strategies which may be most effective in empowering you to fulfill your vision for life and expectations for the years ahead. Finally, we make specific recommendations to implement those strategies in your plan.

Our goal is to help you live your life on purpose . . . intentionally planning and striving for the things that matter the most to you.

What all should be reviewed in a financial plan?

Specialized Financial Planning Services

Retirement Planning:

During retirement it is critical to monitor inflation and tax implications relative to income distribution. WDC works with you to help maintain your purchasing power and your retirement capital base.

Estate Planning:

WDC believes an estate should be designed so the family and others affected receive the greatest possible benefit from accumulated assets. Our goal is to help you preserve the maximum amount of wealth possible while fulfilling your long-term wishes.

Planning for Business:

WDC can assist your business with tax-qualified retirement plans, executive retirement plans, buy-sell agreements, and business succession planning.

Education Planning:

Providing for a child’s college education should not place a significant burden on your finances. WDC can help you take advantage of special investment strategies and tax incentives to minimize the cost of higher education.

Insurance Planning:

WDC realizes catastrophic events do happen and can have a devastating effect not only on your personal life, but your financial life as well. We develop sensible risk management plans utilizing various types of insurance to meet your specific needs.

Investment Portfolios and Strategies

Our investment approach applies time-tested principles in a number of portfolio models and in customized client portfolios.

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