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How Our Planning Process Works

At Wealth Development Council, we are committed to serving in your best interests – so our process begins and ends with you. Our understanding of your unique circumstances assists us in providing timely, relevant planning advice and recommendations. A Plan Summary is a critical step in creating and maintaining clarity about where you are and where you’re going. Everything else flows out of this Plan. Without clarity about where you are and where you’re headed, making the kinds of decisions that will take you where you want to go in life is difficult or impossible.

Everything we do as an advisory and investment firm is based on developing your wealth in a way that is intended to fulfill your values and purpose. If at any point in our work together we encounter circumstances which we believe will make your goals unrealistic or unattainable, we will advise you of that conclusion.

1. Fit Meeting

The Primary Goal of a Fit Meeting is to determine whether or not we mutually agree we're a good fit for each other. During Fit Meeting, we get to know each other; you'll have the opportunity to interview us, and we'll have the opportunity to interview you.

During a Fit Meeting, you will get one hour of our time – either in person or via phone, WebEx, Skype, or another comparable method. You'll receive answers to your questions about our business model, approach, and how we charge. At the end of the meeting you'll receive a free questionnaire that helps confirm your planning priorities.

How much does this cost?

We do not invoice for Fit Meetings.

What obligations will I have afterward?

Following a Fit meeting, you will be free of any obligations to us. Similarly, unless we decide to move forward together, we will not have any obligations to you either.

How do we move forward next?

We need to believe that we’ll be able to provide value to you as your Advisor, and you need to believe that you’ll find value in our service as your Advisor. Once we are in mutual agreement, we will move forward together.

How can I schedule a Fit Meeting?

Scheduling a Fit Meeting is easy! Click the Schedule Appointment button below - then choose a date and time that is convenient for you.

2. Build Your Plan

Learn which action steps could help you achieve your vision of tomorrow. Use sophisticated, industry leading resources to build your plan.

Data Gathering and Goal Setting

Data Gathering and Goal Setting involves reviewing of the details of your current portfolio, assets, retirement dates, children's education, health and more. We accomplish this via confidential questionnaires, counseling, and an examination of your documents and records. We conclude this stage by agreeing on a timeline for reviewing initial recommendations and relevant action steps.

Plan Development

During Plan Development, we design recommendations, proposed action steps, and strategies intended to work toward accomplishing the goals established in the Data Gathering and Goal Setting meeting(s). We are dedicated to ensuring you understand the plans we recommend implementing, so that you are just as sure as we are that your best interests will be met.

3. Implementation & Review

Implement Plan

Once it has been agreed on by everyone, we implement the plan, setting it into motion. Regular action items and recurring work is diligently completed and monitored by our team.

Monitor Progress

Finally, our team at Wealth Development Council strongly believes in the importance of continuous communication and ongoing review. We all know how life changes over time; similarly, your Wealth Legacy is not static, but is a dynamic entity that changes in response to what you are called to do, where you are working to go, and with the lives of those who are important to you. As one of our clients, we are committed to working with you and always acting in your best interest, monitoring and updating your plan on a regular basis.

Ready to Get Started?

Click Here to set up a no-obligation, introductory meeting. You interview us and we interview you. Together we learn whether your planning priorities, expectations, and circumstances are a good fit for our investment philosophy, business model, and approach.

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